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Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning (MERL) Advisor Vacancy
Posted Since : 7 months, 4 weeks
Registration Due Date : 28/09/18 17:00
Location : Kigali, Rwanda
Contract Type : 1 Year (with renewal possibility)

The MERL Advisor will implement the STARS program’s overall MERL framework into a country-specific MERL plan for Rwanda in collaboration with program staff and under the supervision of the MERL Manager. He/she implements the MERL plan and continuously ensures that staff is supported in MERL issues, that the MERL plan is followed and that data are collected as stipulated. If necessary the MERL Advisor will revise the project MERL plan together with the MERL Manager and the country lead. The MERL Advisor will furthermore provide technical support to the staff and ensure quality data collection, quality data interpretation and quality data management. The MERL Advisor will contribute to STARS’ third core activity by aligning all data collection with learning objectives, and actively identifying, analyzing and documenting the learnings from the program.

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Desired Experience
Three years
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